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Family Bible Restoration

Growing up, I remember having two huge, old, family bibles in the house. They were in terrible condition, and my mother said they had been that way since she was a teenager. The bibles finally resurfaced this year and I set out to find a place that could restore them. I found Leonard’s Book Restoration in Indiana and emailed them photos of the bibles to get an estimate. I shipped them the first bible, which contains several pages of handwritten family records – births, deaths and marriages. Here’s what the bible looked like before it was restored:

We happened to be traveling not too far from the book restorer this summer, so we took a detour to pick up the first bible and drop off the second one. They did such a fantastic job, and I can’t recommend their services enough. I can’t wait to see the restoration of the second bible, which should be ready next month. Here’s the newly restored bible:

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