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World War II Photo Project

Dominic Vitale

Dominic Vitale

Camp Gordon, Georgia

September 1942



My great-uncle, Dominic Vitale, served in the U.S. Army during World War II in the 4th Division, 22nd Infantry Regiment. He took hundreds of photos during the war, and wrote on the backs of many of the photos to identify the people, place and dates.


I have organized, scanned and uploaded all of the photos, and attached the back of each photo to its front. To flip a photo, click on the icon showing two arrows forming a circle in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

View the photos here: World War II Photo Project


I hope that this project will be a resource for others to find pictures of their own relatives in my uncle’s photos. The names of the soldiers tagged in the photos so far are as follows:

Adams, Lew

Agnew, Paul

Andrus, "Frenchie"

Aufiero, John

Beaver, Elmer

Bingham, "Bing"

Boyd, Ben

Brancato, Pete

Brancato, Joe

Butcher, Acting Cpl.

Callahan, Ed

Cantelmi, Sal

Barr, Bill

Cataldo, Gennarino "Hank"

Collins, Francis "Frank"

Connolly, John "Jonesy"

Connolly, Patrick "Bud"

Cristoferi, Augustine (KIA)

Crosby, John

DeChellis, Anthony

Degeorge, Anthony

Dilske, Acting Cpl.

Dunlea, ?

Evans, Tom

Farren, Francis "Frank"

Flaherty, Leo (KIA)

Fox, Edward "Red"

Fuller, Andy

Ganczarski, Ignatius "Iggy"

Gomez, Nicholas "Señor"

Greenkowich, John "Grink"

Hawkins, ?

Hite, Roy

Johnson, Sgt.

Katz, Sam

Kruezak, Ted

Lafond, Paul

Lanzilli, Basilio "Buzz"

Lauterpacht, Isidore

Legendre, Bill

Mahoney, "Sherry"

McCaffrey, Robert "Bob"

McHugh, Dick

Mobley, Johnnie

Nichols, Charles "Charlie"

Oliver, Vito

Paliwoda, Walter

Pascavage, Tony (KIA)

Phillips, "Mother"

Pochinchuk, John "Chuck"

Podsadowski, Theodore "Ted"

Reeves, Ted

Ryder, Henry "Pinky"

Sabatini, ?

Sarno, Sebatino "Steve"

Schall, Albert

Schneiderman, Morris "Moe"

Scott, ? (Mess Sgt)

Shapiro, Irving

Sikora, Constantine "Connie"

Sisk, Dan

Sponder, Frank

St. Marie, ? (1st Lt)

Stasiukiewicz, ?

Swagg, ?

Szipilus, ?

Teague, ? (Sgt)

Teitelbaum, ?

Thomson, "Duffy"

Tigano, John

Van Vliedt, Stu

Ventre, Jerry

Vitale, Dominic

Weinstein, Hyman

Whalen, Tom

Worley, ?


The front and back of one of the photos taken by Dominic Vitale during his service

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