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Oh, the Food!

First let me say that the very best meals we’ve had in Italy have been at the tables of Pina & Gerald and Manfredo. Such incredible meals, like Pina’s lasagna – the very best I’ve ever had. However, during family meals I tended to take photos of the people and not the food, so the food photos below have been from restaurants.

Lunch at Pina & Gerald's house

Lunch at Manfredo's house

Pina and grandaughter Denise at Manfredo’s table

Breakfast on our balcony each morning in Atrani. Pio, the owner of the B&B, told us that his mother makes the croissants by hand every morning. They were fantastic.

Prosciutto & melon

Gnocchi with Gorgonzola and walnuts

Prosciutto with figs


Scallopini with lemon sauce

Panna cotta with fruit

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