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Our Italian Cousins, continued

This morning we had an appointment to tour a local winery so we had to leave before I could post everything I wanted to about our visit to Prata yesterday with our cousins.

Here are a few mores photos.

A monument in the piazza in the center of Prata, dedicated to the residents of Prata who lost their lives in World War II. Listed on the monument is the name of cousin Manfredo’s brother, Raffaele Ferrara, who was in his early 20’s when he died in Germany. Manfredo also spent his professional career in the Italian army.

The home in Prata where Manfredo was born and raised.

Me and cousin Manfredo in front of his childhood home in Prata.

Lunch with cousins. On the far left is Alex, the 22-year-old son of Pina & Gerald.

Me and cousin Pina. She knows a little English and I’ve been learning Italian this year, but we both wish we knew more of each other’s language. Thankfully her husband is able to bridge the gaps.

Manfredo’s childhood church, which is closed and the grounds are no longer maintained.

Another church from Manfredo’s neighborhood in Prata, Chiesa di San Giacomo.

The inside of Chiesa di San Giacomo. Manfredo said it is still exactly as it was when he was 10 years old.

Manfredo inspecting his old neighborhood in Prata.

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