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The Town of Quadrelle

We spent the past week in Quadrelle. It was such a great experience to stay in a small Italian community, free of crowds and tourism. Of course it was harder to communicate, with much fewer people speaking English here than in the cities, but I had tried to prepare by taking audio Italian lessons on CD all year while driving to and from work. Thankfully I learned enough to get by, but I definitely need to continue my lessons and most importantly, I need to keep coming back to Italy to practice and to learn first-hand. Here are some photos of the neighborhood we called home for a week.

The beautiful home where we stayed

Our apartment was just inside the front door, on the first floor

Our kitchen

The coffee bar and bakery where we went for breakfast a couple of times

We went to the florist on the main road to get some flowers to bring to cousin Pina. We told the florist we needed a thank-you bouquet, and he immediately grabbed all his pink roses and made this beautiful arrangement. When he was done he got a single white & pink rose, handed it to me, and said it was for me, from Italy. Another wonderful moment to remember.

Below are pics of the ceramics shop of Giuseppe Tedeschi. Of course we had to pick up a couple of pieces as mementos of our stay in Quadrelle. We saw about 15 things we wanted, but exercised restraint. Our trip isn’t over yet!

We had a wonderful meal at Ristorante dell’ Ulivo, a restaurant that was about a 10-minute walk from the apartment. I should mention that we didn’t actually order any of this food. When we told them we were visiting from the US, they asked us generally what kind of food we liked, then just started bringing us food. Lots of food.

First course - soup

Second course, antipasto (and several other things I didn’t get photos of)

Next course - pasta

An after-dinner cordial made from apples, in an apple decanter. Delicious.

We discovered that buffalo milk mozzarella is a specialty of the area. So good.

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